Baking Stories

A collection of my random little (sometimes funny) articles and stories about baking or anything that takes my fancy!

Baking Addiction Series
Baking Addiction – Part 1 – Find out how addicted you are with this handy guide.
Baking Addicton – Part 2 – True confession of a baking addict at stage 3 addiction and why I blame Adriano Zumbo.

The year that inspired me to bake – what started my passion for baking.

Learning binary with chocolate – bring out the geek in you

Why baking and moods are like the weather – a look at how your mood affects your baking mojo and wouldn’t it be great if someone made a my wife’s mood app for suffering husbands / partners.

Cake pop art or chocolate heaven – which would you choose if the World was about to end a cute cake pop or chocolate cake trufle heaven?

Why I will bake mince pies – a series inpired by the death of Joanna Yeates
Why I will bake mince pies (part 1 )
Why I will bake mince pies (part 2 )
Why I will bake mince pies (part 3 )

Random things spotted at the Good Food Show 2011 – what was the most stroked thing at the show?

VW gingerbread Campervan – gingerbread house with wheels that travelled the World

Cruella de Baker – Why baking turns me into Cruella.  You have been warned!

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