Random things spotted @BBCGoodFoodShow

Below is a montage of random things from the Good Food Show which I visited on Sunday (Nov 2011) to show a few things I spotted during my wanderings.  The BBC Good Food Show is a fantastic day out but I was truly knackered by the end of it despite having a bag carrying husband.  Next year I will bow down to the norm and purchase a trolley which I mocked on the way in saying ‘ahhh look at all those trolley people’ and laughing.  I now stand truly corrected and am in awe of these clever thinking people and their army of  wheels.  I will be joining the trolley dragging parade with pride at the next Summer event because it’s easier to carry more bottles of Tifffany blue champagne this way! If you have never been I highly recommend the show as you eat and drink the entire way round (what more could you want!)  The meringues the size of small footballs certainly made me stand still (next post is about a disasterous attempt at meringue snowmen that would make Mary Berry blush).  Be warned if baking is your thing there were very few baking suppliers there so I was a little dissapointed in that.

Great British Bake Off
It was fantastic to meet Holly Bell and Rob from the Great British Bake Off 2011 y particulary as I was gutted I missed the theatre show as this was only on Saturday. Across the NEC you could hear the girlies screaming at Rob as he was baked his Madelines.  I missed that as I did not fancy elbowing my way through a mass prostegeon cloud of hysteria but I did enjoy watching Holly bake her recipe for Christmas scones which were amazing and I must have a go.  Holly’s top tip was to well flour the top of the scone mixture then plunge the round cutter straight in and out of the mixture and avoid moving it around (I always do this!) as it will prevent your scone from rising as well.  To get more great tips like this from Holly I highly recommend her cupcake and bread making courses as she is clear in her instructions and really friendly and normal just like her blog title suggests (recipes from a normal Mum) and she happily spoke to so many people.  My only advice is courses fill quickly so book soon (click here to see more) and take wellies as it is on a Farm in Leicestershire.  Hint, hint dear Husband I want to go on a course pretty please with a cherry bakewell on top…x

What did you spot on your way round?


3 thoughts on “Random things spotted @BBCGoodFoodShow

  1. I went on a sat so missed holly but got to see mary berry, paul hollywood, jo wheatley, edd kimber and rob (very briefly) will be blogging about this sometime in the next week. it was like a GBBO good food show for me! and yes I think I need to get the trolley next time too as my arms were aching!!

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