Why I will bake Mince Pies (Part 2 of 3)

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Dear Santa

I have a confession to make and I can’t get to a Church…
When I wrote about why I would bake mince pies next Saturday (Dec 17 2011) it was to remember Jo Yeates after following the horror of her murder throughout the trial. I felt (as I still do) that she should be remembered this year with a mince pie as she sadly never got to bake them.  Then realised I was wrong.  Not about honouring Jo as that still stands but that the mince pies for Joanna Yeates event is actually bigger than just one person.  I realised it should be to honour the memory of the 1000’s of husbands, wives, siblings, children, friends and relatives all of whom should be enjoying mince pies and presents with us but can’t for whatever reason.  It’s hard enough to do this on Christmas Day so why not do it early in the run up to the big day.

“It’s not just Jo, we all have people who are missing or gone from our lives at Christmas time.  Let’s remember these special people together and raise a cake or festive mince pie in their honour”

Join the event to honour our missing people 
Santa I feel like I am being a neurotic party host pacing the internet corridors with baited breath with the occasional twitch of the Facebook event attending curtains just to see if anyone is actually going to turn up. I am very grateful for those who have already joined the event but it still feels a bit lonely.  The event will still be called Mince Pies for Joanna Yeates as I do not want to rename the event as it is Jo who started this whole idea off for me.   I will most certainly bake my cakes that day in her memory and for my Gran who can now only watch me from the picture next to my computer screen. 

“Simple way to remember and honour Jo and our lost or missing loved ones”

1. Join the facebook event 
2. Grab or bake a cake / mince pie
3. Take a moment to remember Jo and all our lost loved ones
4. Raise the baked good in the air to their honour and memory (like a toast at a wedding but you can stil drive after!)
5. Take a BIG bite as that’s what they would want you to do!

Santa can you fix it for me?

Please fix it for me to have others join the event (C) Virgin media.

As I am not a 9 year old I can’t ask ‘Jim to Fix it for me’ in the one off Christmas special which is being held in his memory.  If he was here I would but I am afraid this year Santa it’s all down to you and the wonderful people on Twitter and Facebook Let’s hope you can sprinkle your Christmas magic and encourage people to join the event and spread the word to others as I can not do this alone ( I have tried!).  

“Lets make December 17th 2011 the day to remember those who can’t be with us on the hectic run up to Christmas”. 

Make sure they are not forgotten
This event means so much to me because I would be devastated if I could not get to make my planned Christmas bake or to eat mince pies with my Family.  If my time was over I would get comfort looking down at this event as it would make me smile knowing that somebody out there made sure I was not forgotten in the pre Christmas Rush.  Also, I have to admit that secretly I’d love the fact that their rememberance had added a pound or two to their hips 🙂

Send my love Santa to @9reindeers @MrsSexyClaus and @dodgyelfshoes

Hugs and kisses
Jacqueline aka CakeBoule

P.S Santa the mince pie pop is for you (I’ll post the recipe if you can help me get more people involved). 

Mince Pie Pops

P.P.S I meant no offence to any Snowmen who are feeling inadequate after the post on my rather unfortunate piping accident for meringue snowmen last weekend.


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