The year that inspired me to bake

It is weird to be sat here a year on in the same place and yet life has changed so much. Although the days move on some things don’t change. There is still the whir of the washing machine rumbling and as always my computer screen lights up the corner of my kitchen with its familiar Friday night glow and shortly I will ring my Mum as I always do. I could tell you that I began baking because of child memories or a treasured Grandparents passion for baking but that is not my story. My story began a year ago this evening. A seemingly normal Friday evening where fate thrust me into a situation that although not the most pleasant ended with at least one silver cloud.

Without that evening I would not have truly met my best friend, nor would I get to share evenings with her, cake and coffee which is the ultimate pick me up trio. I began truly baking to welcome her back home. When I looked back I realised I began my blog on her Birthday as I spent the whole week making different cakes pops to cheer her up.

Image of Cake Boules on Sticks

Cake boules on sticks

Weeks went past and I would pop round with cake and tell her all about my ideas and she would listen and encourage me in a way nobody else has. She overcome her fear of technology and after weeks of trying she managed to suscribe to my blog all by herself to make sure I at least had one reader and the day she managed to rate and comment on my post she was so excited I felt quite priviledged.

Over the last six months I have fallen in love with baking and our meetings just don’t seem right unless there is cake and coffee involved. She oohs and ahhs at my cakes, gives me a bite by bite analysis of my bake and eats them all with great delight. One day I fed her mince pies which I knew she loathed so I wrapped them in marzipan to lure her into a false sense of security but always game she ate it anway. Most importantly she laughs with me instead of at me when I have cake disasters. I can remember holding a sad cake above my head outside her house without it falling off the baking paper while we both squealed with laughter.

IMage of The flatest cake ever

The flatest cake ever

She has watched and listened patiently to my random stories and when I first ventured onto twitter hesitantly with my why I will bake mince pies campaign she rolled up her sleeves and got stuck right in. She baked with me with knowing it was something that truly meant a lot to me. My first attempt at meringue snowmen ended rather disasterously with willies and she was the first to laugh rather loudly I have to say.

What happens when piping goes wrong!

Without that day a year ago I would never have truly known the big heart and strength my friend has that inspires me each day to keep on going. I write this post as I know you can hear me saying the words to you as you read and I am too chicken to say it out loud. We both know this would involve heavy breathing, flapping of arms and spelling of words out loud. From me this is a sincere thank you as I don’t think you will ever realise how much you changed my life and yes in a good way before you try to tell me jokingly otherwise!

Ps you will be proud of me as I did not spend hours rewriting this it comes from the heart mistakes and all.



13 thoughts on “The year that inspired me to bake

  1. Such a lovely post. How lucky you both are to have each other as pals! Words like this are not said enough to the people we love. This is your way of letting your friend know how much she means to you, and I’m sure she will be thrilled.

  2. That’s a lovely post 😉 and a wonderful story about friendship ~ I’m a new blogger myself, so I know that feeling of starting. When you’re not sure if you should start, how it’ll work out and who will read it. So i think it’s absolutely lovely that your bestfriend has supported you all the way 😀 my sister is the rock in my life and has supported me through all my blogging adventures too ~

    All the best with blogging and looking forward to following your blog!!!

  3. It has been a whole year since you put yourself in harms way for me, for that I will always be grateful for more that anyone could imagine, but I am cross with myself that it took something so awful to help me see what an amazing person you are and have wasted to much time, we could have been best friends so much sooner. Thankyou for being you, and of course the cakes are a bonus, never change I just love all your ideas.

    • Bless you and thank you so much for the flowers they are amazing. Life has a funny way of doing things doesn’t it! Love you all x Oh and never be cross with yourself everything happens for a reason so they say. Even if it was just so you could be chief cake tester, be given random funny rocks and lucky pennies – how many other people can say that!

  4. Such a beautiful, heartfelt post (and an equally lovely response from your dear friend). It’s so great to have someone you can turn to and call and celebrate with and commiserate with – and how wonderful to be able to look at your blog and remember her every time you sit down to write.

    • It is great and as I often hide myself away it is a great pleasure to actually share the little simple things with. I will never forget her I can promise you that no matter where she is. I am glad that she is in my blog as I am going to get this printed into a book at the end of the year as a memories to treasure.

    • Thank you 🙂 I’ve only really been properly bloggin for the last 6 months as my friends insistence to write these things in it! Then i thought why not give it a go! Baking is lke haing another relationship though I find myself in love with it one minute and arguing with it the next!

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