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About Me (Join me on FB or follow @cakeboule on twitter)

Inspired by friends and family loving my baking or should I say eating my disasters this blog has started slowly .  These are my adventures, baking disasters and memories as I plan to get the year printed at the end so I can at least say I wrote a book even if only I look at it!  You can contact me at cakeboule at gmail dot com if you want to drop me a line.

See more on my post 7 random facts about me

I believe there should have been a health warning for the Great British Bake Off (GBBO) 2011 which seems to have turned me into a baking demon!  If you had told me six months ago I would be weighing my egg whites I would have laughed.  I would love to have the nerve and confidence to apply for the Great British Bake off 3 but I need far more practise as apart from using my Mary Berry bible I have led a very sheltered baking life so far (lemon drizzle cake is my staple cake I can do with perfect results) but now I am making layer cakes after just 6 months!

I see my blog as a way of combining a love of baking, meeting new people, shopping and sharing ideas with others.   I’d love to hear from you all – well anyone in fact would be good as when you start blogging you feel as if you are talking to yourself and in my job I do that all day long anyway!

Love: sparkly things ( I am a real magpie), reading, anything VW and have made a gingerbread version.  Laughing at my disasters (after crying of course).  Being inspired by my Son’s interest in cooking – his Foccacia is awesome. Anything vintage and looking and drooling at others blog posts. Mini cakes or things on sticks cause me to have mini meltdown of excitement

Hate: boring shows like X factor, snoring, whiners, not having enough time to bake and doubting myself sometimes.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. when did this infatuation with baking begin for you then?? I started as a youngster whilst hanging on my grandmothers apron strings!! I love all things to do with baking especially love to stroke my newly made puff pastry just thinking about it makes me tremble!!

  2. I was a late developer! I guess it has been realy bad over the last 6 months where it has spiralled out of control and any free from work moments are spent thinking about baking or actually baking. It wakes me in the night and gets me ou of bed in the morning. As for stroking pastry after having a first go recently with the Palmiers I can totally understand that!

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