Happy Gingerbread VW Campermas

Send the VW Gingerbread Campervan on a virtual journey around the World – how far will she go?  Comment and let us know where she has visited.

Recently I have become a bit obsessed with Gingerbread houses after my son made one at School for a competition. With copious amounts of sweets, icing and glitter it was no shock that I became well and truly hooked but there were so many styles to choose from.  We own a VW Campervan that is currently being restored (called May ) and she became the inspiration for a retro gingerbread house in a VW style.  If you have ever considered baking a gingerbread VW Campervan (or house) or owning the real thing then I can safely say the two are fairly similar experiences.  Here are 10 reasons why:
1. They take hours of your life to build and rebuild
2. Both are rust coloured underneath and patched up with filler / icing
3. They cost a fortune in parts and equipment
4. They take time, patience and love (Valium is optional) and may not always end up quite as you hoped
5. They look cute but are like gremlins in disguise ready to unleash the anger banshee in even the calmest of people
6. Carmelised sugar / weld splatter cause copious amounts of screaming, mad hopping and rapid blowing
7. After a while they will go soft and crumble
8. You can cut a hole in the top of both and use as a money-box ( I throw £££’s into mine every month)
9. Both have support forums and counselling services available
10. Neither will break the speed limit barrier or beat Santa’s sleigh in a drag race

So without further ado – here is our gingerbread VW Campervan (the gingerbread house on the move).  It took approx 2 full days to bake and build but we love it so that makes it all worth while.  I plan to have a gingerbread trashing session in the New Year despite protests from the rest of the family but I am sorry it has to be done (and the video will be posted) as by then the real VW Camper will want her revenge brrrmm brrrmmm brmmmmm!

See her little video on Youtube

VW Gingerbread Campervan House1

Update: See where May visited on her tour of the the seven wonders of the gingerbread world
If Santa could he would do it the Vdub way (but then he probably wouldn’t get there without calling RR – Rudolph Rescue)
VW Gingerbread Campervan House3.Gingerbread Campervan House5
 Gingerbread Campervan House7

Gingerbread Campervan House9

I hope you enjoyed our little VW inspired gingerbread house and I wonder how far she will travel on her virtual journey?  Do comment and tell us where she is visiting.

With special thanks to all these wonderful bloggers who kept me going though my gingerbread building experience with their encouraging and hilarious messages on Twitter.  These wonderful people are all avid bakers and you should check out their blogs as they are a very inspiring and supportive bunch who make me laugh. In the words of Twitottee “We are stronger together”.

Twitter names (but all links go directly to their blogs or websites)
Merry VW Campermas to all and to all a good night
Love Cakeboule x
News Flash : Santa’s stand up (naughty) meringue snowmen have been banished to the furthest workshop.
Update: See where May visited on her tour of the the seven wonders of the gingerbread world
Gingerbread Campervan House8

Gingerbread Campervan House2

VW Gingerbread Campervan House

 Gingerbread Campervan House6

15 thoughts on “Happy Gingerbread VW Campermas

  1. omg this is AMAZEBALLS (new word of 2011) Definitely the best gingerbread creation I’ve seen. So glad you survived the gingerbread experience and lived to tell a beautiful tale 🙂 I love all the details like the nameplate and the wheels and the (normal) snowman! ;P
    Wising you and your family a very happy Christmas and best wishes for the new year.
    PS I’m afraid the van has not travelled far to me in London but I hope it gets round the world.

    • Why thank you! What an earth will I do next year? I guess I could do a where the hell is matt (on youtube) but with a gingerbread campervan I guess? Now there’s a thought!

  2. What an amazing piece of gingerbread art. I love it. Having spent 6 weeks travelling in a VW camper van around France as a child I have a bit of a soft spot for them. I’d love to have travelled in this one. GG

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