To Do List

Yes I need a to do list as I just love lists – this is my big blue sky list of all things baking (ish) related things I want to do by the time I reach 2013:

1. Go on a cupcake decorating course (booked for Feb 2012)
2. Actually make a succesful batch of macarons
3. Cook a quiche without a soggy bottom
4. Learn how to make cupcake flags, labels etc for a themed party
5. Throw a themed party (but small so: me, me and me sounds good)
6. Make a pavolva
7. Make a celebration cake with tiers
8. Learn how to ice cookies
9. Apply for the Great British Bake Off in 2020 ( it will take me that long to be good enough)
10. Make mousse and combine with cake
11. Improve my food photography with new ideas and technique
12. Buy a macro lens for my camera so I can take close up shots
13. Have time off from baking and spend it with family
14. Make pasties (very excited by this)
15. Make a pie (savoury)
16. Make my own inspired flavoured battenberg
17. Create my own signature cake recipe
18. Spend time scouring charity shops for vintage plates etc
19. Make a selection of tarts
20. Take more photos of non-baking related outings
21: Master different types of pastry – Danish, Puff, Sweet
22. Make a rainbow jelly
23. Make stollen
24. Make my own Christmas Pudding
25. Make my own Christmas Cake
26. Make dough balls ( I have such yearnings for these)
27. Find the perfect vanilla cake recipe
28. Find the perfect chocolate cake recipe
29 Find the best vanilla cookie recipe
30. Try to make Swiss Meringue Buttercream
31. Try not to plaster my kitchen in food when I blend and mix things
32. Make my own yorkshire puddings
33. If I get to over 500 followers invest some money in my blog
34. Get my own domain name
35. Make my own pasta
36. Make wonderful little jars of things for cooking whilst camping in the campervan – quick but tasty meals
37. Buy more cake stands and props for photo’s
38. Make ciabatta
39. Make waffles
40 Make linzer biscuits
41. Learn how to alter the HTML
42. Make a roulade
43. Make the best ginger and carrot cake for Mr H
44. Get an image published on Foodgawker
45. Get an image published on Tastespotting
45. Master icing techniques – ruffle, rose, vertical stripes.

I bet I can add so much more to this list! Taking bets now on the final number.

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