List of Recipes (a bake in progress) Here you can see a list of recipes from my blog more will be added as they appear so do check back and see the updates in case you miss any.

GF – Gluten Free
WF – Wheat Free
DF – Dairy Free
7 tips for gluten free baking

Layer Cakes (or Pay Day cakes as I call them one for every monthly pay day with only pure indulgence allowed)
1. Tiffany inspired Champagne Layer Cake
The Macchiato Layer Cake – Starbucks inspired coffee, vanilla bean latte buttercream and dulce du leche caramel
2. Sticky toffee pudding layer cake – layers of stick toffee pudding cake with sticky toffee sauce flavoured swiss meringue buttercream. (GF) (WF)
3. Turkish Temptress – Turkish delight with rich dark chocolate cake and ganache (also with gluten free instructions (GF) (WF)
4. Frozen white chocolate mousse cake with a secret raspberry icy blast layer – stun your fiends who will wonder how you did it – click and find out!
5. Triple chocolate mousse cake with chocolate covered strawberries – the ultimate indulgence.


Irish coffee cake – naughty way of smuggling alcohol and cake into work
Rolo cupcakes – play hide and seek and have fun with your rich dark chocolate fudge cakes with a hidden rolo twist.
Rich chocolate cake – why get a new one when you have found one that works every time?
Lushious Lemon and blueberry Loaf Cake – perfect for tea time.
Banana, honeycomb and chocolate loaf cake – freezes so well.
Stem ginger and white chocolate buttercream cupcakes – unusual combination that really works.
Malteaser cupcake or traybake – for a quick chocolate fix.
Lemon and berry polenta cake I think this cake is amazing so different and zesty. (GF) (WF)
Raspberry Bakewell loaf cake with toasted almonds – (GF) (DF)
Mojito inspired polenta cake – (GF) (DF)
Triple chocolate mocha brownies – with a funny story of rain, gales and camping in a VW camper

Cake Truffles / Pops / Balls
Rolling cake truffles / pops / balls
Sticky toffee with toffee centre cake truffles / pops / balls
Summery Strawberry and Pimms Cake Truffles
Chocolate toffee cake truffle / pops / balls

Ultimate vanilla & honeycomb chocolate covered cheesecake
Jammie Dodger cheesecakes – my absolute favourite quick bake

Vanilla Custard Palmiers with Macaron and Berry Vanilla Ice Cream Swirl – also with a great way of using up macarons that went wrong!
Pastry twists – quick tasty treats – great for parties and picnics.

Homemade Granola with an adaptable chart for you to make your own simple recipe (DF)
Toast Cups  – perfect little english breakfast cups for a lazy morning brunch (DF)

Sweet Sauces
Naughty hot chocolate fudge sauce – perfect for ice cream sundaes (GF) (WF)
Sticky toffee sauce – simple recipe that takes minutes to prepare – can be found with the sticky toffee pudding cake recipe

Cookies and Biscuits
Melting Moments Biscuits (Chocolate Trio)
Chocolate and Toffee Cookies
Beautiful sprinkle spiral cookies – so pretty.
Toffee Crisp Bites oh so good and easy to make – great for kids parties (GF) (WF)

Pink lemonade – hot pink and totally divine and no nasty additives

Toffee Fudge Meringues
Lemon meringue roulade with a recipe for a light lemon mousse too.

Bakers DIY
Homemade mincemeat – spiked with amaretto and conitreau.
Vanilla Sugar – this is too easy so there is no excuse not to make your own. (GF) (DF)
Vanilla Essence – how to make your own (GF0 (DF)
7 tips for gluten free baking – what to do when asked to make a gluten free cake without panicking (GF)

The Little Gingerbread VW Camper
VW gingerbread Campervan (not strictly a recipe)
Around the World in a VW gingerbread Campervan

Food Shows and Food Reviews
Random things spotted at the Good Food Show
Hotel Chocolat Review  (Valentines) – Valentines Collection
Hotel Chocolat Review (Easter) – How to learn binary using chocolate

Valentine bake and craft competition – this happens once a year with a real trophy.
Valentine bake and craft entries 2012
Valentine Bake and Craft Winner 2012

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