Pink Lemonade Recipe (from scratch)

I predict Summer will arrive in the UK with a bang in September when all the kids are back at School and you know my predicton will be right.  Celebrate with pre-prepared vivid hot pink lemonade a natural beauty with no nasty additives.

Pink Lemonade

This drink slaps you across the chops with refreshing fruitiness reminscent of sucking on a lemon and strawberry sherbert sweet.  You can’t not smile and go ‘ahhhhh’ when you have a glass of this whatever the weather.  The concentrate freezes well so you can enjoy that sunshine in September!

Pink Lemonade

I don’t posses ice cubes trays so I used a heart shaped silicon mould which was just perfect! All I need to do in future is add an iced pink raspberry concentrate heart to glass of lemonade and watch it turn pink. Yes that is just my sort of evening as why watch paint dry when you can watch a bright pink ice cube melt!

Pink Lemonade

The Story (optional reading) I watched the Smurf movie for the first time this week which was not exactly my choice of film but hey ho. It reminded me of a big cuddly Smurf I had when I was little. The smurf with no name was as big as me and I have no idea where he came from but he must have been deemed precious as I wasn’t allowed to play with him (sobs). Poor Smurf was held captive in a cupboard in my bedroom to keep for best.  At night I would creep across my bedroom floor very quiet, unlock the door of the forbidden cupboard and just sit there and staring at him not daring to touch. Years later when I deicded enough was enough Smurf needed rescuing from his wooden cave. I bravely opened the forbidden wardrobe but he had mysteriously vanished and I guess as I was a bit old for him by then so he must have been given away. SO sadly I never did get to play with him (sniffle) I know get the violins out right! (it’s OK Dad I’m not completly unhinged becuase of it only slightly but you knew that already)

The moral here?
1. ‘Never keep things for best as they will be out of fashion by the time you use them’.
2. Never buy things that do not fit as that never ends well
3. Live each day as if it’s your last and just once eat your microwave / take out / cheese on toast off a posh plate and enjoy the thrill of breaking the rules you rebel.

Personal note to self ‘take own advice and don’t leave the pink lemonade concentrate in the freezer for years because you love it so much that you never get to enjoy it”.  So this week live a little, raise a glass to life even if life often rains on your parade. For me I’m British and very adept at coping with lifes torrential downpours and severe gales from my recent camping trip in my VW – thanks to all those who commented I am glad to be a source of your amusement 🙂

Back to Pink Lemonade – Finding a recipe for pink lemonade concentrate online was fruiteless (pardon the pun) as nobody seemed to have a standard recipe so I figured I would follow suit and make my own as I went along. Even if it’s not sunny when I post this get ahead of the game; make this, freeze it and savour your own perfect glass of sunshine just waiting to be poured when the Sun finally makes its entrance. I guess you want to know how to make it because you know you will it’s just too hard to resist. Ok come on follow me…

Pink Lemonade

This also makes a great cocktail – 1 shot of limoncello, 1 shot of vodka, pink lemonade concentrate, top with lemonade or sparkling water and add plenty of ice – mmmm.


200g raspberries
200g strawberries
300ml water
300g golden caster sugar
1 vanilla bean / pod
6-8 lemons (mine were tiny!) juice and grated rind

Pink lemonade


1. In a pan add sugar, vanilla bean (I used one from my vanilla sugar so it was already used) and the grated rind.
2. Bring the mixture to a boil and then take off the heat and leave to infuse until cool (or however long you want to wait).
3. In a blender (or with a blender attachment) blend the raspberries and strawberries until smooth.
4. Pour the berry mixture into a sieve to remove the pips.
5. Strain the sugar syrp to remove the lemon rind. Pour the berry and sugar syrup mixture into a jug.
6. Squeeze the lemons and add the juice to the pink lemonade mixture and stir until combined.
7. Pour a portion into a glass like you would juice you add water too (to taste) and top with ice cubes, sparkling water or lemonade and add a sprig of fresh mint if you feel so inclined or basil and serve.

To Freeze
Pour the concentrate into ice cube trays or silicon moulds and freeze overnight. Depending on the size of the moulds you may need a few ice cubes to flavour a drink. I also plan to use some in a cake, jellies and jam once I have worked out how I am going to make it all. I admit it I am a little obsessed with the flavour I have to say but not that obsessed that I’d torture myself by making ice lollies with them as I know I can never get the damn things out of the mould.

Happy summer rainy days x

I am entering this into Botanical Baker’s Summertime Sipping competition where I’m sure you will find lots more ideas and yummy natural drinks I can’t wait to see what everyone else has been up to!

summertime sipping

Pink Lemonade

36 thoughts on “Pink Lemonade Recipe (from scratch)

  1. Hmmmmmm I’ve just had a cunning idea…I feel a recipe coming on using your concentrate…I’ll keep you posted!! It looks delicious by the way…I’m certainly going to try it! Lovely photography too! 🙂

    • Fantastic – I also have plans for it too this weekend in cake form hopefully 🙂 then jelly I think- this is going to go on all summer! Look forward to hearing your ideas.

  2. That looks wonderful! It was pretty summery here earlier… then it started spitting… Hmm. I make pink lemonade with a little rose water – give it a go, it’s so delicious.

  3. Oh my goodness this sounds and looks amazing! and just the kind of summery treat I love. If summer ever does turn up before September then I’m definitely making some of these bad boys! awesome photos too!

  4. We try to holiday somewhere in the UK in September (a benefit of having kids), and we usually have good weather. However I won’t be waiting Neil September to try you punk lemonade. I’ll be giving it a go this weekend, come rain or shine!

  5. I loved your little story about the smurf and the lessons you have pulled out from it are spot on. It seems strange to keep a toy for best but I’m sure I have done something equally as weird as a parent. The drink looks lovely. Will defo be trying. 🙂

  6. Try not to make a puree but a homemade syrup – it will be even better.
    Cut the fruits [strawberries and raspberries] – add lemon zest and pour the sugar over it. Refrigerate over night; then strain [just very carefully that only the created syrup, not the pulp is getting out.

    What would make it even more berry and less lemonady would be citric acid instead of lemon juice – or you use both [with reduced lemon juice]. And: try to use fructose instead of golden sugar. It will be less a less round and soft mouthfeel but a more edgy, citrusy mouthfeel – perfect for such a zesty drink…

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  8. This has got to be so worth making – for the colour alone. I’m off to buy raspberries, strawberries and lemons right now. Fantastic recipe. Wonderful pictures. Now we just need summer.

    • Apparently it supposed to be hot the next few days before being back to soup weather so go on enjoy it in the sunshine ! I made a layer cake with it too !

  9. Just back from holiday and picked up this post in my reader – it’s gorgeous! And would have been perfect to drink in Barcelona as the weather was so boiling. Never mind, have bookmarked to make next time it gets hot in the UK instead (if it ever does…)

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