Around the World in a VW Gingerbread Camper

I sent my little VW Gingerbread Campervan called May on a virtual journey around the World (see part one here). May has reported back with her own version of the Seven Wonders of the Gingerbread underWorld that she saw along her way. Click on the links to see the sights.

You can see more of May the gingerbread campervan on Youtube.

Gingerbread Campervan House8

Quick Snapshot

May wanted to take some pictures of her journey so she stopped by here to get a gingerbread camera.ingred-sm





Stop 1: Glastonbury Festival

Firstly May did a visit close to home and went off to the Glastonbury Festival where she got a VIP pass to the pyramid stage made by Dave (@ossiespoon) who inspired me to write about May’s sightseeing. After getting stuck in all that mud and having random people climb into her on numerous occasions slightly disgruntled she went off to have a look at…

Stop 2: The Gingerbread Blues with the G Street Band

May decided to catch a band while shew was at Glastonbury as it would be rude not too and although this band were not well know enough for the Pyramid stage she enjoyed the Gingerbread Blues with the G Street Band. These creations are made by The Gingerbread Giant and you can see his website here.

Stop 3: Hogwarts

May then went off to drive around the set of the infamous Hogwarts which is little ironic as this gingerbread structure is made in the US where as Lacock which was one of filming locations is just over the road from where May began her journey. This structure took 1 month to make and is the fantastic work by Kitty of a true testament of an individual’s artistic work and dedication.

Stop 4: Gingerbread Tron

May decided with all that wizardry she would rather go and have a chat with another car as she was getting withdrawal symptoms so she popped in to see Gingerbread Tron aka the transforming gingerbread house (click to see the video it really is inspiring) by Brian Hall and had a gingerbread latte with him.

Stop 5: Angry Birds

After all that excitement she needed to find somewhere for the night as she was tired with all that travelling but the only place she could find for the night was the Angry birds gingerbread house uploaded by mraakko on youtube . The video shows a time-lapse of it being built and May was suitably impressed until a flying angry bird splatted icing all down her door.
Stop 6: Sweet Paris
She visited Paris where she stopped off to see the gingerbread house being made at Disneyland. She did a bit of sightseeing and spent an evening watching the building of the gingerbread Eiffel Tower (youtube by AFKasbis).
Stop 6: Luxury House
May needed a little more luxury so she stopped off at Anna’s gingerbread house which took one week to build. She rested her wheels for a few hours and ordered an oil cosmopolitan from room service and throughly enjoyed the hospitality with 5 gingerbread stars.
Stop 7: Mrs Holly Bell’s
May finally stopped off back in the UK at Mrs Bell’s where she was able to watch her rather sensual demonstration of how to make the a gingerbread Christmas cottage cake. This is the very video which inspired her maker in the first place and caused a serious case of gingerbread addiction (although it has to be said her maker certainly did not look that amazing while May was being made). May reports that the food is so good at Mrs Bell’s that she has not come back yet ans she has a baking course to do before she leaves.
Final Destination?
May is still out there travelling the road as she heard rumours that the larger (Big May) campervan is feeling rather jealous and wants to get her revenge.
Big May versus Mini May in a final wheel (gingerbread) crunching finale showdown. Will Big May be able to build up enough speed to run Mini May over. Will Big May stall at the first hurdle (most likely) ? Stay tuned and find out the fate of the mini gingerbread May soon…

Big May versus Mini May in the final showdown. Who will win?


4 thoughts on “Around the World in a VW Gingerbread Camper

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  2. Brilliant post! May has had such an exciting journey. I cant believe how many amazing gingerbread creations are out there. I can’t even pick a favourite as they are all so good. Look forward to the final showdown!

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