Recipe for Rich Chocolate Cake for Pops / Truffles

This is the recipe used for the chocolate cake pops base . This recipe comes from Peggy Porshen’s book Cake Chic (buy it here). We slightly adapted it as the original recipe is for a smaller cake – not that we found that out the first time we tried it! The cake is very moist and works wonderfully and this will do a big enough cake to do 48 cake boules. 

150g Chocolate

200ml milk

450g brown sugar ( we used light muscavado)

150g salted butter softened

4 eggs lightly beaten

300g plain flour

3 tbsp cocoa powder

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp bicarbonate of soda


Preheat oven to 160 C (or 150 if using a fan oven like we are)

Line your baking tin – we used about a 20×13 inch

Put chocolate , milk and half the sugar in a saucepan and bring to the boil until all is melted

Beat butter and remaining sugar

Slowly add the eggs

Add sifted flour, cocoa powder and baking powder and bicarbonate of soda to the mixture whilst beating

Start to add the hot mixture slowly into the batter

Once combined – pour into baking tin and place in the oven until cooked (approx 45 mins for us)

Leave to cool then cut into 4 sections

Making Cake Boules

Each section will make approx 12 cake boules – you can freeze the rest until it is needed – saving you precious time in the future.

See the guide to rolling cake pops here. Why not make some choc toffee cake pops?


Cake pop art or chocolate heaven?

Image of chocolate cake truffles

Cake pop art or chocolate heaven?

Artistic cake pops
Whenever I search for cake pops I am usually inundated with images of cute bees, popcorn bags, scary ghosts or shoal of lollipop up their bottoms versions of Finding Nemos (how uncomfortable – that’s got to be worse than a thong!).  You name it you can cake pop art it if you are artistic enough.   Cake pops are wonderful and they do make me smile as they are cute.  Sadly my artistic talents are lacking and if I were to make a cake pop bunny in real life this would end up looking more like a deformed dog.  This would cause me the most amazing amount of frustration in my unrealistic quest for treat size perfectionism and definite tendencies towards OCD.  Those that can weave their candy cake pop magic are very talented individuals to be sure – I hold my glass up to them but I accept that I am not truly worthy!  If you want candy magic then look no further than the Queen of Cake Pops aka Bakerella.  I even noticed that on the Junior Bake Off 2011 when a contestants cake went horribly wrong she though to herself – sod it cake pop it; what a smart girl she thought on her feet there. 

Bakerella Cake Pop Reindeers

Bakerella Cake Pops

Yes! Yes! Yes!
Knowing my own artistic boundaries and my families and friends unadulterated interest and glutenous need for chocolate  (so much I hide it in the cleaning cupboard – nobody looks in there).  I decided to create cake pops with a grown up indulgent air.  The challenge was to create the little treat that is just too damn good for little fingers to touch.  As for ‘if you love them, give them your last one’ –  I don’t think so buster.  I want cake pops that makes the taster go ‘oooh’ and ‘aahhhh’ as their mouthes fill with salty anticipative water while their eyes scan which chunk of chocolate to crack seductively first.   I want my cake pops to have the same effect as Herbal Essence shampoo leaving its taster shouting yes! yes! yes! without any hesitation who is watching.   This idea appeals to me far more than ‘ ooh doesn’t it look cute’  comment that I might get with a rather manky (well if it’s mine it would be)  snowman during the melting process cake pop. 
This is when I realise it’s not cake pops I am striving for its cake truffles.  Yes, that’s sounds much more sophisticated and grown up.  So what is a cake truffle?  Well it’s a mash up between a tasty cake packed full of beautifully flavoured buttercream or cream cheese frosting.  Then teh cake truffles are lovingly dipped in chocolate and decorated with more chocolate.  So they are not just the rubbish bits you cut off a cake or a way to cover up your disaster in the kitchen (although you can do this and why not – waste not want not I always say) these cake truffles are little mini taste explosions.  The best thing about them is that you can freeze them and they take 10 minutes to defrost quickly before friends come round.   I have a freezer full of different flavours but nobody come round – hmmm I guess I will have to eat them then!
If the World ends tomorrow – why I would grab a Cake Truffle…
So if I have not convinced you yet to have a go at cake truffles then these are my parting words on the matter.  If the world was about to end in true amarageddon fashion and you could grab one last thing from the fridge to eat before you go.  Imagine you look inside the fridge and see it’s a toss-up between a swash buckling pirate cake pop and a double chocolate fudge cake truffle.  I’d take the chocolate fudge truffle – hands down, no contest.  In fact I’d go as far as to say it’s a real no brainer!  I would rather my last mortal seconds end on Earth with sweet chocolate heaven exploding in my mouth and guilty smears across my face ready to meet my maker.  Lets just hope my maker brings wet wipes…

Try a recipe for vanilla and fudge truffles dipped in white chocolate.

Vanilla & Fudge dipped in White Chocolate Cake Truffles / Pops

Vanilla Fudge

Candy V Chocolate

Vanilla Fudge & White Chocolate Cake Truffle / Pop / Balls

The first flavoured boule we started with today is what we named the wheat free ‘Vanilla Fudge-it’.  It uses no wheat / gluten as my Mum and Friend are both coeliac and they get fed up with shop brought, expensive cakes that are bland and have no flavour – so we tried to make ours moist by soaking the sponge with a vanilla sugar syrup (recipe to follow).   Recipe for the vanilla sponge will follow shortly.

Here is what we used / did:

1/2 x vanilla sponge (20cm square) and soaked with a madagascan vanilla flavoured sugar syrup (makes 12 pops – simply double the recipe if needed for more).

3 tbsp x vanilla buttercream using real vanilla pod (see recipe pages)

Gluten free chocolate coating / bark

Fudge pieces (check ingredients)

Here is what we used / did:

Put the cake into food processor until breadcrumb consistency

Mixed cake crumbs with butter cream and let it rest in the fridge for a few hours before rolling into balls.

As the balls were rolled we inserted mini pieces of creamy vanilla fudge and then placed in the freezer to harden.

Cut up fudge into mini pieces for the topping

Melt chocolate in the microwave – we used just a cheap cake covering chocolate for our first go. 

Put the pop / boule on a cocktail stick ready for dipping.

Dip the boule into the melted choclate until it is covered fully (don’t twizzle the boule in the cholcate) – we gently pulled the boule out of the chocolate

Gently twirl the boule around to coat evenly with chocolate – we found if you tap your wrist gently on the side of the bowl it gets rid of any excess.  When it finally stopped dripping we transfered to a prepared baking sheet  to dry / set.

Once all boules had been dipped and dried.  We started decorating our boules with drizzle of melted white cholocate and then added three mini pieces of fudge to the top.

All are safely stored in the fridge!  They look too good to eat so we will have to force ourselves…


Watch the chocolate does not start to cool as we ended up with one boule welding itself to the spoon and did not want to let go!

Disaster will strike if the cake balls have been out of the fridge too long.   One of our cake boules had got to soft so it immediately makes a run for it and dives into the bowl of chocolate with a good plop.  We solved this by putting them back in the fridge for a bit and taking a break! – coffee time!

Warning – Cake boules = Stressed! Our Kitchen looks like a scene from a explosion at the Willy Wonka Factory.

Be careful with the amount of frosting used – as if it is too moist the balls fall off the stick when dipping

Cake boules

My Son and I have set ourselves a mission to have a baking competition this June half term holiday from School.  So far we have created a test batch and they were not bad at all – quite a success for a first try!  Now we are getting serious and have tried a few different flavours in order to see who will be crowned King or Queen of our newly named cake boules.  Tiny bite size pieces of cake truffle dipped in chocolate and decorated.  As we speak the boules are in the freezer waiting now for dipping and decorating in the final stage of this competition.  We have also made some special wheat / gluten-free cake for those we know who can not eat normal cakes but still like a treat.  We have decided to try some different flavour combinations and rather than fun pops we have decided we want to go more for a truffle, sophisticated look.   Funnily enough we seem to be be very popular with peple wanting to be the chief testers – but those roles have been filled!   Once we see the reaction we get, we will post more information about them.  This weeks competition flavours are: 

Birthday Boule – Madagascan vanilla soaked cake with fresh buttercream centre dipped in white chocolate with white sugar crystals. 

Fudge Boule– Madagascan vanilla soaked cake with fresh buttercream centre filled with tiny squares of creamy fudge dipped in milk chocolate topped with fudge pieces .

Lemony Lush Boule – Lemon drizzle cake with fresh lemon buttercream dipped in white or milk chocolate and drizzled with chocolate and sprinkles (this was our test batch).

Toffee Heaven Boule– Rich dark chocolate cake with a chocolate fudge frosting mixed with speckles of toffee and smashed pieces of toffee dipped in milk chocolate topped with toffee shards.

Chocolate Crunch Boule – Rich dark chocolate cake with a chocolate fudge frosting mixed with tiny pieces of biscuit in the centre dipped in milk chocolate and coated with biscuit crumbs.

Vanoffee Boule – Madagascan vanilla soaked cake with fresh buttercream centre filled with speckles and chunks of toffee dipped in white chocolate and topped with toffee shards.

So we manged to get quite a few combinations for this competition (would not have happened in a normal week) – the kitchen has smelt like cake all week.

Image of Cake Boules on Sticks

Cake boules on sticks

 6 flavours made so far (4 of them also made wheat free) – 46 more to go!
Test batch of lemony lush

Not bad for a first attempt

Roll on the competition.