Valentine Craft and Bake Competition Winner 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I really enjoyed running the Valentine Bake and Craft competition it has been such fun. There were so many fantastic entries to the competition that we really did have a hard job trying to choose a winner. Do see the post of all the entries as they are amazing. We spent an evening looking at all the entries with each printed and laid out across the lounge floor and we studied the pictures, the stories behind the post and marvelled at your creativity. After hours we came to a unanimous decision and now as I sit out on a windy balcony in Devon looking at the box which contains the oak heart trophy I know we made the right choice.

Congratulations to Janine from ChouxChouxBeDoo who is officially crowned the 2012 Virtual Valentine Bake and Craft winner. Her entry was very thought-provoking and she made sure she included the entire family which really caught the judges eyes and hearts. Well done Janine and I find it very fitting to go and put my boots on now to walk down to the village post office to send you your prize from the very place you visited countless times as a child but now live so far away from. Isn’t it funny how the World works? I guess this was just meant to be.

Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day x


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