Virtual Valentine Craft and Bake Competiton 2012

Valentines Day is special (get ready to pass the sick bucket) as it is our wedding anniversary yes groan all you wish.  This year I am surprising Mr H with a holiday away and I can honestly say I can’t wait but I can say that as I know where we are going.  As I am unlikely to bake on that day (being away and all) I thought it would be great to get in the spirit with a virtual valentines competition (remember my New Year’s resolution about making more memories).  

Fun Bake and Craft Competition
This is just for fun competition showcasing photographs and blog posts from insanely clever crafters and bakers like you.  Be as creative as you like there are no hard and fast rules.  If you believe in Mayan predictions there will not be another one as the World is going to end in 2012 so this could be your last chance! 

I will feature all entrants with a photograph of their entry and links to your blog post or facebook page to showcase your hard work.  There is a small prize and of course the ability to brag to friends you won.  As this is a self funded blog and I have no sponsors but rumour has it the prize will be a stylish heart trophy beautifully handcrafted in oak. 

P.S: I would love to say my husband chose this date for our wedding as he is the complete romantic but I would be lying.  In reality it was purely (as I found out during his speech) for no romantic reason at all but to ensure he got a continual 6 week reminder after New Year.  He told the entire room ‘if I remain oblivious to hearts and roses in shop windows from Jan 1st  then the queues in garage forecourts and supermarkets across the land by panicked men would give me a final reminder’.  He followed this with ‘at least I will not be the man who forgot his wedding anniversary’ (thanks a lot for the romance Mr H). 

Competition Rules of Entry 
Want some inspiration?  Look at my Valentine inspired gallery on pinterest

Main Entry  – Using a Blog / Website

  • Make sure your entered item is featured on one of your pages / posts.  Tell your viewers that it is for the virtual valentines craft and bake competition 2012 with a link to this post on the competition
  • Sign up to follow my blog to find out the results and of course to see the entrants and winner
  • Add cakeboule as a tag on your post / page that you are submitting
  • You can add me to your beloved blog roll / website links if you wish but it is not necessary – join or add me because you want too.


  • Feel free to like the cakeboule page and share it with others to share out the Valentines love (got to get in the spirit)

Bonus Retweets on Twitter

  • Follow me on twitter for competition updates @cakeboule
  • Post your entry on twitter. 
    • use a shortened link to your post and mention me @cakeboule
    • Add #ValentineBakeCraft
    • I will retweet you and your post when I get chance
    • E.g @your name entered WP.657.890 to @cakeboule for the #ValentineBakeCraft competition

General Rules

  • Make anything you wish as long as you feel it says Valentines day to you
  • Please email your photographs (no more than 2 so make sure they are your favourite) to
  • Please include the link to your post as well as your name (but I will only publish you as your blog / web page name where possible)
  • The deadline is February 4th so that I have time to showcase your entries in a blog post with links to all your hard work before 14th February
  • The winner will be announced on the big day itself (wifi connection permitting)  which is 14th Feb in case you did not know / live under a rock.
  • The small prize will be sent out to the winner by post if within the UK (overseas entrants are welcome to join in but I am not sure how much it will cost to ship the prize internationally but will find out.  Disclaimer – I accept no responsiblity for the state it arrives in or if it gets there I can only do my best)
  • Bragging rights are completely allowed for the winner

18 thoughts on “Virtual Valentine Craft and Bake Competiton 2012

  1. I’m in!!! Me & Mr P always have an ‘anti-valentines’ day either before or after Valentines day itself so this is perfect!! Shall get my thinking cap on!! Hmmmmmm craft or bake? or maybe both! x
    And can I just say that I think it’s lovely that Mr H chose a date he couldn’t possibly forget! Nothing worse than having to ‘hint’ that an important date is coming up! x

    • well that is true! Was a bit shocked with his speech though but was very funny. I can’t think what to make Mr H either? Has to be somethign for the tummy and something to keep I guess… off to scour pinterest over the weekend get some ideas. I can lose hours in there.

  2. Oh yes! I’m in too. My husband is not a fan of Valentines day so to make something for a blog challenge instead would probably be more rewarding and appreciated! I’m a actually quite excited 🙂

    • Fantastic news! The best bit of the challenge is you can make yourself a valentines present and then you get what you want. Let’s face it I always hear people say it was a christmas/birthday present to myself so now we all have an excuse to make a valentines gift for ourselves after you have to love yourself first before you can love anyone else (so they say).

  3. What a great idea, a Valentine’s Day roundup. And your husband is hilarious! Leave it to a guy to figure out a foolproof way to remember the anniversary. My husband and I actually met on Valentine’s Day many moons ago, so it’s a special day to us, too 🙂

    • Wow you actually met on Valentines how very romantic! I guess he won’t forget that now either, well I hope anyway. As for the hubby he is a bit of a comedian and yes it is amazing blokes ways of doing things. Now he just has to ask Siri on his iphone I expect (don’t you just love technology). Although the last time he asked Siri (iphone) ‘Do I love my wife’ she answered ‘why do you need a wife when you have me’. Sad but true.

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  5. Count me in! I need to get my thinking cap on for this one, I think it will definitely be bake rather than make though.

    Love your wedding pics – your husband sounds just like mine, we got marrie the day before my 30th birthday so he has no excuse to forget either occasion now!

    Off to ponder over ideas for competition

    Shelley (@thecakebug)

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  8. Can I enter it to something else as well? My travel plans suddenly changed so I might be able to squeeze one in on the 4th but need to make it for something else too. Inspiration suddenly struck in the middle of the night. Really should get some sleep!!

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