Remedy the lack of baking with toast cups

After a fantastic Christmas today is the first day of normality.  This means in my traditional style a whole day of rearranging cupboards to fit in all the new goodies.  I can’t complain I love getting the goodies and reorganising my cupboards is sadly a part-time occupation of mine that feels me with great control freak satisfaction particularly when my family can’t find anything (tee hee).  I like to think of it as a cupboard hide and seek game that keeps me quietly amused for hours as I listen to the doors open and close and the grumblings of my Husband and Son as they try to find things.  This also ensures my teeneage son speaks to me instead of grunting even if it is only to ask where something is.  Of course they do not spend as much time in the kitchen as me so this game can last for months and when they think they have cracked it I move it all again just to keep them on their toes.

I rolled out of bed rather late this morning and needed something to soak up the one glass of wine too many last night.  I led in bed thinking about what to make us for breakfast when I realised I could make a quick breakfast, use up some leftovers and get to try out some of my new presents.  Suddenly my foggy headache disappeared in an instant and I bounded downstairs with renewed passion and longing for the kitchen that has been bakeless for the past two days. I was so excited I ended up doing a dance with my new silicon muffin tray and pulling out items from the precariously balanced foil wrapped Jenga blocks of food in my fridge (another game I like to play at Christmas).


I had seen these little toast cups on the internet, I had loads of pigs in blankest and cocktail sausage nestling together sleeping in the fridge and now they can be reborn into a quick breakfast.  The original recipe comes from Martha Stewart but here is my quick take on it.  A breakfast for two with my gorgeous hubby.


4 slices of bread
3 eggs
Left over cocktail sausages and pigs in blankets
2 mini tomatoes
Salt and pepper to season

1. Using a large cutter – cut out a circle to fit the muffin tin cup
2. Push the circle of bread into the tin
3. Cut up left overs and scatter in
4. Break 3 eggs into a cup and whisk until yolks are broken
5. Pour in the egg mixture and fill to the top
6. Cut tomatoes in half – place on top
7. Break off left over cheeseboard cheese and sprinkle on the top
8. Season with salt and pepper

New silicone muffin cases christened - thanks Mum

Place in the oven (375 degrees / 160 fan / 175 C ) for approx 15 minutes until the egg is cooked through.

Serve with a big mug of coffee and you’re ready to play cupboard hide and seek.  I loved these little toast cups so much I am going to make the at New Year too.

Enjoy x


3 thoughts on “Remedy the lack of baking with toast cups

    • Thank you they were very tasty and definatly on my make again list. May is sulking because the gingerbread campervan was getting more attention than her! Have you tried out your moulds yet? I am lo9king forward to seeing your creations with those.

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