Ultimate Sticky Toffee Cake Pops / Truffles (caramel centre)

Sticky toffee cake truffle heaven!

Sticky toffee cake truffle heaven!

I have not blogged for so long as I have been tied up with marking and schoolwork (yawn!) then came the mad frenzy of summer holiday cleaning and decorating followed by you guessed it a spot of baking while my son is away on camp. This week I was asked to make cakes for my husbands work colleagues. It seems the husbands have been encouraging a bit of a bake off between wives. I resisted the competition as long as I could, grumbling as I went about how wrong it was for the men to be making their poor wives bake them cakes, sausage rolls etc – it’s not like we don’t all have enough to do!! But once I had chilled enough from work I set my sights high and made them sticky toffee cupcakes. Firstly to shut my husband up and secondly I had the express intention of baking enough sticky toffee cake to make some cake pops / truffles. Toffee and chocolate – oh how I love you.


I based these cake pops / truffles on my memory of sweet, sticky chocolate bars that when you bit into to you reached the caramel heaven centre and it dribbled unceremoniously down your chin (or is that just me?). This was the inspiration for my newest gourmet cake pop / truffle and just for the hell of it why not use both a milk and white chocolate as I am fairy indecisive you know! But the main aim was to get the chin dribbling sauce in the centre of the cake pop with no special tools. Challenge on!

1. Bake a sticky toffee cake (try this good recipe)

2. Follow the insturctions for rolling cake pops / truffles here
3. Make a buttercream and either add a caramel (ready made) sauce to it – to your taste or you could have a go at making a caramel from scratch
To add a caramel centre
4. Before you add a filling – take off a pinch of cake batter from the ball before you roll it (this will be used later – flatten it to about 1.5 cm round – see picture below and put to one side) To add a caramel filling to the cake truffles. You can use a shop brought toffee / caramel sauce or you can make your own caramel from scratch. I did try the latter but this will need some perfecting!
5. I didn’t have any special tools or filling instruments that I know you can get for cakes. To get the filling into the truffle push a lollipop stick halfway into the ball and then move it in a circular motion to make the hole bigger. Pour a little bit of sauce in to fill the hole almost up to the top as you can see in the picture below.
Filling the cake truffle with toffee sauce

Filling the cake truffle with toffee sauce

6. To seal the sauce in take your extra piece of the cake mixture that you set aside in step 6 (see this next to the lollipop stick). Stick the extra piece of mixture over the top of the hole. Roll the ball gently between your hands – this will seal the sauce in – if you find you get a little more oozing out – just add-on an other small piece. Voila – toffee centre cake pop / truffles!
Sticky toffee cake truffles ready to go
Sticky toffee cake truffles ready to go

7. Once you have done this for as many of the cake truffles as you want filled then – pop them in the freezer until you are ready to dip them. Instructions for this will be shown at a later date. I always freeze my cake balls and then transfer them from freezer to fridge when I want to use them. Leave them for at least 15 mins to start defrosting before dipping. I don;t let mine fully defrost as I find that they become a little slippery and you risk getting pieces of mixture in the chocolate.

Dipped sticky tofee cake truffles
Dipped sticky tofee cake truffles

8. This is what they looked like dipped. Stay tuned for more instructions. Yummy – I even tried double dipping – which is half milk chocolate and half white chocolate perfect for those situations when you can not decide which to dip it in!


2 thoughts on “Ultimate Sticky Toffee Cake Pops / Truffles (caramel centre)

  1. omg i’m drooling and I didnt even have a toffee centred cake pop to bite into! Love the idea of a gooey centre. I think the white and milk chocolate look great – its a good excuse to eat at least 2 for quality control you know 🙂

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