Vanilla Fudge & White Chocolate Cake Truffle / Pop / Balls

The first flavoured boule we started with today is what we named the wheat free ‘Vanilla Fudge-it’.  It uses no wheat / gluten as my Mum and Friend are both coeliac and they get fed up with shop brought, expensive cakes that are bland and have no flavour – so we tried to make ours moist by soaking the sponge with a vanilla sugar syrup (recipe to follow).   Recipe for the vanilla sponge will follow shortly.

Here is what we used / did:

1/2 x vanilla sponge (20cm square) and soaked with a madagascan vanilla flavoured sugar syrup (makes 12 pops – simply double the recipe if needed for more).

3 tbsp x vanilla buttercream using real vanilla pod (see recipe pages)

Gluten free chocolate coating / bark

Fudge pieces (check ingredients)

Here is what we used / did:

Put the cake into food processor until breadcrumb consistency

Mixed cake crumbs with butter cream and let it rest in the fridge for a few hours before rolling into balls.

As the balls were rolled we inserted mini pieces of creamy vanilla fudge and then placed in the freezer to harden.

Cut up fudge into mini pieces for the topping

Melt chocolate in the microwave – we used just a cheap cake covering chocolate for our first go. 

Put the pop / boule on a cocktail stick ready for dipping.

Dip the boule into the melted choclate until it is covered fully (don’t twizzle the boule in the cholcate) – we gently pulled the boule out of the chocolate

Gently twirl the boule around to coat evenly with chocolate – we found if you tap your wrist gently on the side of the bowl it gets rid of any excess.  When it finally stopped dripping we transfered to a prepared baking sheet  to dry / set.

Once all boules had been dipped and dried.  We started decorating our boules with drizzle of melted white cholocate and then added three mini pieces of fudge to the top.

All are safely stored in the fridge!  They look too good to eat so we will have to force ourselves…


Watch the chocolate does not start to cool as we ended up with one boule welding itself to the spoon and did not want to let go!

Disaster will strike if the cake balls have been out of the fridge too long.   One of our cake boules had got to soft so it immediately makes a run for it and dives into the bowl of chocolate with a good plop.  We solved this by putting them back in the fridge for a bit and taking a break! – coffee time!

Warning – Cake boules = Stressed! Our Kitchen looks like a scene from a explosion at the Willy Wonka Factory.

Be careful with the amount of frosting used – as if it is too moist the balls fall off the stick when dipping


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